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School of Fear
Gitty Daneshvari
Gitty Daneshvari
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My book School Of Fear is about these four kids who have different phobias they can not get over. The four characters names are Madeleine, Garrison, Lulu, and Theodore. They all have very serious phobias that there parents can not stand. So there parents talk to the principal of there schools about School of Fear. All the parents are very intoxicated which the discription of School of Fear. So they hide the papers from there kids and all the kids eventually know about it and don't want to go. Find out what happens there and didn't see ANYTHING.
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Why is Madeiline scared of bugs?
She is scared of bugs because she had a bad expirience with bugs and she's always been scared since was little.
Who is scared with water?
Garrison is scared of water.
Who thinks dieng is scary?Hint: His name starts with T
Theo is scared of dieng.
Who is the main principal at School of Fear?
Ms. Wellington is the main principal
Are the people over there phobias?
Read the book to find out.:)
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