Wikitastic Book Review
Book Title:
The Homework Machine
Dan Gutman
Dan Gutman?
Number of Pages:
146 pages
This Book Was About:
This book is about some fifth grade kids who have a machine that can do things. The things that this machine can do is do homework. The person who made is a boy named Brenton. Now nothing who have been interesting if he wasn't in the book. He is sort of a nerd/genius. He made so he would not have to do it. Another kid named Sam wanted in on not doing homework, one day he walked up to Brenton and says "How do you always get your homework done so fast." Then he tells Sam about the home work machine. Then another girl named Judy overheard them talking about it. So she was going to tell but she always needed help with her homework anyways. Them it kept going on and on....FINALLY they get in trouble for having a machine to there homework. Are they going to go to jail or get away? READ IT TO FIND OUT >:)
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