Martin Luther King Jr.

I think a special place to Martin Luther King is the Martin Luther King Memorial. I think it represents respect and remembrance. I think Dr.King would love to see it even though he can see it now. Even though he is deceased he will still be remembered because the Memorial honors him of the freedom movement, and why he wanted freedom everywhere.
People tribute him all year long. On the other side of the statue a quote is engraved saying, “I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness.” Those words are remembered to this day and Martin Luther King Jr. will be remembered also. That is why I think this place is special.
Out of Place
About a year back I was a new student. I thought that I would make friends easily. I guess since I was new, it was natural for people to ignore the new kid. It didn’t turn out to be so natural. When I tried to talk to them they just ignored me. I would ask a question, they would just walk away. This went on for a while, maybe even 2 months.
It sucked because I was nice to other people but no one was nice to me. They didn’t know who I was and they didn’t understand me. So later in the school year I talked to my teacher. She didn’t really help me. So after that talk with her, if anyone would say a stupid comment I would just say something even worst. Sometimes I wouldn’t even look at people.
I was frustrated with everyone that year. Really I didn’t talk to anyone, but I didn’t just sit there and not do anything. When I would go outside I would play basketball and dominate everyone on the court, but usually people would get mad because I was so aggressive and they didn’t want me to play. So I didn’t play much either.
Then I met a kid that was cool and relaxed like me. His name was Kyle. The good thing was he lived close and I could go to his house. The reason we clicked so easily was because he understood me and I understood him. So to this day, I am his friend even though we have lots of arguments. We get through them and he will be my brother so I don’t worry about not having friends. So now I am an open person and I will be open to anyone. Some people still ignore me for no reason but I just let them dislike me and I ignore them.

The Story Ramen Noodles

One summer night I went to my cousin’s house. As I walked in the house my mom screamed, “SEE YOU TOMMOROW HONEY.” Yeah you know same old stuff when you go somewhere she gave a kiss and blah blah. So when I went to the back I saw both of my cousins, Maurice (Reece) and Robert (Malik).

They called me to go play the game so I said, “yeah.” As we played the for a while I started to get hungry, it was kind of weird because they got hungry at the same time. So we went to the pantry and I saw a mountain of Ramen Noodles. “DAAAANNNNNNGGGG” I said. They were used to it so they didn’t say much. So we all got like 3 packs each. We cooked them one by one but it to a while. It was worth it though. So we waited and waited until they were finally done. It was like a buffet, it wasn’t a lot of food it just look like a lot. So we ate and got full and let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty sight to see someone do this.
President of McDonalds

People wonder why McDonald’s food is so nasty. I could fix that problem, because instead of frying the burgers I would flame broil the burgers. There is less fat in the food if you flame broil them. Instead of frying the fries I would roast them. Fries that are roasted have less grease in them. I would take most of the caffeine out of the pops and coffees. Caffeine can make you hyper and it drains your energy very quickly.
I would pay employees lots of money a day. They would work from 9-5 pm. You work on weekdays and not Sundays. Employees will not work on Holidays or Special occasions (Birthdays, Religious things). I would because some other restaurants have unfair working conditions.
You may not eat anything in the kitchen unless you pay for it. If the president gives you a pass of any sort your family gets to eat here free for a week.

The Time I was cold

One winter night I was at my Grandma’s House. I was sitting in my room watching Family Guy and I was as can be. My mom was at work and she was coming to get me. My Aunt was at her house and she wanted me to shovel the snow. So I went out and it was freezing. My aunt decided to come and shovel also. So when we got outside my aunt threw a snowball I got mad and took the shovel of snow and threw the snow at her. Eventually after the snowball fight we got really cold and went inside. Then when we went inside we my mom got there and we went home.

My New Year’s Resolution

I wasn’t originally going to do a resolution but now that I know I have to get better at basketball I’m going to write one. The reason I have to get better is because I’m not so great at outside shooting and I don’t practice it. I’ll practice because my basketball season starts soon.

How to Make a Grilled Cheese

By Aaron Simpson J

Do you like grilled cheese as much as I do, but don’t know how to make one? Well, I guess today is your lucky day because you can learn by reading my How to Make a Grilled Cheese essay. The essay will tell you what materials to use, how long to cook and of course how to eat it.

First, this step is to tell you what materials to use. Go to the fridge and get fresh cheese and butter. I recommend cheddar because that is my favorite. Go to the pantry and get spatula, a pan a plate and some bread. Any bread is fine really but I prefer white bread.

Next, you have to prepare the stove and the pan you are using to cook. Heat the stove to about medium, high temperature. I usually let the stove heat up for about 5 to 7 minutes. It depends on how dark you like your bread. You will need a big enough pan for the sandwich to fit the pan.

Next, you will make your sandwich and put in the pan. Put the cheese in the bread and put it in the pan. I usually put my sandwich in for about a minute or 2 on each side making sure to flip with your spatula. But, again it depends on how dark you like your bread.

Last, let the bread toast and the cheese melt and then put i t on the plate by sliding it off the pan and wait forit to get cool. If you are one of those people who don’t like there food good you may not want yours to cool down. After you do whatever you do by customizing your sandwich you can eat it like it isn’t no tomorrow. Tip: do not eat this sandwich if you are allergic to cheese or bread. My guide is not contagious to anyone but people who are allergic to cheese or bread.

The Differences between Aaron and Kyle

Have you ever had that friend who you are with one day and not the next day? Well I have, it’s probably our similarities that keep drawing us back together. What I write shows our similarities and differences. Like our Character traits, Physical traits and our preferences.

Now, I’m going to talk about our Character Traits. There are a couple things we have in common. Staying in control for one. This is coming from our teacher not me. We are both very aggressive and we get mad easily. We kind in some ways like being nice to girls.

Next, I will tell you some physical stuff. We both have short hair. We are both skinny but he is tall and I’m short. But I am older than him, I’m 11 and he is 10. We obviously are both boys. We both wear glasses.

Last, I’m going to tell our preferences. Like video games I play MW3 and he plays NBA 2k12. We both watch 106 N’ Park. We both love The Boondocks.